Various support mechanisms are actively involved in helping the students towards academic, health and social welfare. Students can contact their class teachers for help through Sahyog Samiti. Book Bank, Earn While You Learn and Apprenticeships schemes are available in the college. The college has a Women Studies & Development Cell, Aarohan, to create opportunities and awareness programmes for girl students, and to create a harmonious environment for learning and growing together as responsible citizens of society.


The Legal Literacy Club organized District Level competitions on various issues related to social responsibility on February 29, 2020. 10 colleges of the district participated in about 15 competitions on Human Rights, RTI, Right to Education, Rights of Destitute Women and Children, Environmental Responsibility, Ethical Voting and many such issues.


1.  Active Participation in Blood Donation Drive: This year girl students participated actively in Blood donation Camp on September 17, 2019. 40 Girls of N.S.S., Youth Red Cross and N.C.C. Army donated blood and promised to inspire other girls to participate in Red Cross activities. 

2. Aarohan organized a Panel Discussion BINDAS BOL on gender issues in the contemporary context on October 12, 2019. Noted social activist on women’s issues Mrs. Renu Bhatia was on the panel along with Dr. Saroj Takshak and Dr. Ram Lal, to discuss empowerment initiatives and mutual responsibility of both boys and girls in creating a harmonious and bias-free society. 

3.  A Cancer Awareness Programme for Girls was organized on January 21, 2020. Aarohan, the Women Studies and Development Cell of the college organised this program in collaboration with Sarcoma Cancer Care Foundation. Distinguished faculty from AIIMS and officials from CSR Programme Fortis hospital, Faridabad addressed about 200 girls and faculty of the college. Girls and faculty from Govt. College for Girls, Nacholi also attended this program.

Dr. Pallavi Shukla, Dr. Jitender Meena, and their team addressed the girls on how to detect the early signs of breast, overian and cervical cancer. They also talked about possible safeguards, preventive strategies and available lines of treatment.
 Ms. Priyanka, the Founder Director of this foundation addressed the audience on need for increasing awareness of various cancers related to women. The program was a resounding success as the girls were active participants throughout, and generated an in-depth dialogue on the issues at hand. 

4.    Presentation of Nukkad NatakSochSahitoh Vote Sahi” at HUDA Convention Centre on National Voter’s Day on January 25, 2020. Twenty volunteers of Aarohan got together to write and enact this Street Play based on the right thought process that would lead to the correct decision making. A remarkable aspect of this play was that twelve students were first-timers and turned out flawless performances.The Street Play was a big hit among the audience. Dr. Neer Kanwal helped the students externalize their talents through dialogue delivery, gestures and body language. Several Dohas and use of dialect added to the local appeal of the NukkadNatak. 

 5. 15 Day Fine Arts Workshop was organized from February 11, 2020 to February 28, 2020. 30 girls and 5 boys attended this workshop. Fine Arts teachers and artists Sh. Vinod and Smt. Shweta trained the students in sketching and various techniques of painting like water colours, poster making, Madhubani, Alpana and Rangoli. A special feature of this workshop was bringing together of traditional forms with contemporary concerns. Thus, Rangoli was also used to convey social messages and scientific concerns.                            

     Posters on socially relevant issues, national integration, awareness and motivation were made under expert guidance. The workshop ended with a two-day exhibition, and served to popularize the various forms of expression. Dr. Shalini Sharma and Dr. Deepika helped organize the activity. 

6.  A 15 Day Self Defense Training was organized from February 11, 2020 to February 28, 2020. More than 200 girls were trained in various techniques and immediate response strategies of self-defense. Sensei Ram Bhandari and Kickboxing coach Sh. Santosh trained the girls in fitness routines and self-defense moves.Various challenging scenarios were enacted and girls were taught to respond with available materials like bags, pins, pens et cetera. Dr. Nidhi Garg and Dr. Deepika took initiative to motivate the girls for this training.

7.      An Entrepreneurship workshop on Beauty Industry was organized on February 25, 2020. Beauty therapists and make-over artistes Mrs. Suneet and Ms. Srishti spoke on the Start-up potential of beauty as a business and later demonstrated live the transformative aspects of grooming. More than 50 girls attended this session under the supervision of Mrs. Tarun Arora and Mrs. Arun Lekha. 

8.   An Extension lecture was organized on February 17, 2020, in the department of Commerce on Violence against Women and related legal remedies available to women. Advocate Ms. Uma Chauhan addressed a packed house of more than 100 girls under the supervision of Dr. Nidhi Garg and Ms. Pooja Gaur. 

9.   A Yoga workshop was organized on February 12, 2020, under the supervision of Yogacharya Smt. Archana Gupta. Mrs. Archana Gupta demonstrated Yoga Asanas relevant to well-being in important areas of contemporary life. 50 girls were helped to perform Asanas related to Thyroid, Eye-sight, Digestion, Anemia, Skin health et cetera. A meditation session was also organized on this occasion where peaceful sounds and enunciation of important mantras were followed by NidraYog. Dr. Shalini Sharma of aarohan team acted as liaison for this event. 

10.  Aarohan played host to young children from Robinhood’s Army on January 24, 2020. About 25 young students from nursery to Grade V came to the college for exposure of college life and various cultural activities. The Aarohan team of volunteers interacted with the children and encouraged them to participate in rehearsal of a NukkadNatak to be presented the next day for National Voters Day. The children were served refreshments courtesy Aarohan, and were later taken to visit the Startup centre and Computer Science department. Principal Dr. Sunidhi interacted with the children and inspired them to dream big and work hard. Mrs. Richa Pandey of Computer Science department was the liaison for this programme and distributed copies, pencils and colours to the visiting children. 

11.  Surajkund Social Research Field Trip was organized on February 13, 2020 under supervision of Ms. Renu Yadav and Sh. Avinash of department of Economics. 30 students of Economics department prepared a questionnaire and were taken to the Surajkund Craft Fair to interact with crafts-persons and understand in depth their entrepreneurial concerns and success stories. They filled up the questionnaire and later, on their return, compiled and analysed the data to come up with a comprehensive report. 

12.  Yugantar: Assert for Change was organized on March 2-3, 2020. This annual inter-college festival of awareness and empowerment has created an important place for itself in the region in the past 11 years. Poster making, Mask making, Soft-Board making and Quiz on Women’s Contribution to Society were organized in which more than 80 students from different colleges of the area participated.

NukkadNaatak ‘Aatish’ was performed before an audience of more than 500 students and teachers.  20 volunteers of Aarohan, many of them first-timers, presented this street play which raised several issues of social justice and gender parity, along with topical issues of rape, discrimination, denial of education and opportunities to girls. Role of media and social institutions was also explored in today’s contexts. Mrs. Tarun Arora, Mrs. Arun Lekha, Mrs. Nisha Tewatia, Sh. Vishal, Sh. Jitanshu, Ms. Renu Yadav, Mrs. Uma Shekhawat and Sh. Durgesh helped organize the events. 

13.  Volunteers of Aarohan motivated the college girls to participate in the 5-Day Women’s Entrepreneur Week. Being organized from March 1-5, 2020 at the Incubator Centre, the workshop was held to mark the upcoming International Women’s Day.

More than 60 girls along with Aarohan volunteers participated in this workshop which involved start-up strategies, field research, capital and fund generation, different kinds of loans and the proper utilization of resources available at hand.

The workshop was most successful in terms of generating enthusiasm among girls about striking out on their own and developing the right mind-set for entrepreneurial activities.