The college logo सिद्धि: भवति कर्मजा i.e. Excellence through Diligence is our guiding principle, and inspires us towards consistent hard work and pursuit of excellence. 


To be a centre of holistic education for participatory intellectual, creative, cultural and socio-political growth and development of the students.


  • To help students grow into individuals of substance, with a sense of dignity and work ethic.

  • To facilitate development of humane outlook and responsible citizenship.

  • To promote care and concern for plants and animals, and our environment as a whole.

  • To combine career consciousness and livelihood goals with entrepreneurship, enterprise and community spirit.


  • Responsibility

  • Diligence towards Stated Goals

  • Social Justice and Harmony

  • Respect for Environment and All Beings of Nature


  • Generate resources towards capacity building

  • Create more facilities for students

  • Ensure sustainable development

  • Create systems of efficiency

  • Enhance alumni engagement 

  • Promote innovative mindset

  • Move towards green energy

  • Work towards a Cleaner and Greener Campus